The Monarch (MU6)

The Monarch (MU6)

The “Monarch in The Gardens” Residential Tower is Located in District 2 Thu Thiem, Ho Chi Minh City has been designed to optimize the unique value of the Empire City site assuring optimum panoramic views to the CBD District 1 Skyline dramatically set along the Saigon River, to District 1 – center of Ho Chi Minh city, Empire City tower and Wetlands park.

The Monarch has been considered as LUXURY Brand upmarket development and will utilize classic proportions and simple elegant materials to enhance its vertical character and project a modern classic aesthetic. 
The Concept for the Monarch tower envisions an elegant vertically accentuated tower of light color placed within Resort style garden inspired by Colors and Flora of Vietnams tropical environment. 
Materials in the tower will be light in color and value, while the podium seeks to recall textures and tones inherent in the crafted ‘woven’ timber culture of Vietnamese traditional architecture.

The Towers location has been thoroughly analyzed to assure optimum view value at all tower frontages and to minimize impact on adjacent developments of MU5 to its west and MU8 to its South. The residential unit planning will accommodate all rooms to take advantage of all the valuable views.
Function Mixed use - Residential & Commercial
Size 45.000sqm GFA, 33 stories, 3 basements
Year 2018 - 2021
Client Tien Phuoc Group
Partner 10 Design


Thu Thiem, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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