Fideco Office

Fideco Office

Fideco Office building was arguably one of the most remarkable projects as one of the project parameters was to design and build the main structure while operations remain on-going in the existing structure, remaining on-site. This meant that the client, and the workforce, would be located on site during the design and construction of the project. The main challenge was to create a boutique office, modern and contemporary in its location, intended to target young entrepreneurs looking for a small and affordable working environment which could also serve as co-working spaces. As time and space was a constraint, our approach was to infuse a touch of contemporary design to compliment the juxtaposition of the surrounding context – making complexity & contradiction the concept for this office project. 

A key starting point was eliminating the application of a curtain wall system, as this can often be costly and ineffective for the local climate if not installed correctly. Instead, the use of recycled materials from local sources plus the integration of passive systems, such as offsetting the glazed wall from the building perimeter, allowed for passive cooling. The outcome is clean, dynamic form, designed around maximum flexibility of its interior space. Although it was not possible to design for certification of a branded sustainability program, we aided the clients vision though implementation of sustainable design means and specifications of materials which we are familiar with that are responsive to certified programs such as LEED or Green Mark.

The project captures the evolving archetypal nature of its context, as the integration of modern practice, innovation, economic growth, within a highly cultural and socially orientated society.

Function Office
Size 1240 sqm land area, 6800 sqm CFA, 7 storeys, 2 basements
Year 2019-2020


28 Phung Khac Khoan, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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